Dana Cole Photographer

Hey! I’m Dana…. AKA thedana, DC, “D” .. and the gamut of nicknames goes on. I haven’t written an about me section since my failure of online dating days, so hopefully I can make your experience here as much fun as I am! If you are like me, you don’t have time or the attention span to read paragraphs about stuff… so here’s some too much information about me:

  • I have been happily married to the love of my life for a few years.. he LOVES that I take a million photos of him. He’s a great poser.
  • My dogs are my children. Yes, I am one of those people.. we started fostering dogs because I felt like my dogs need more friends.
  • I LOVE everything about travelling and very passionate about it… I often double as a travel agent, whether people ask for my advice or not.
  • I take photography very seriously, but never myself. (see picture left.)
  • I have been on the ELLEN show, and made a complete fool out of myself!
  •  Music makes my world go ’round. I’m a dancing machine. I have a shelf dedicated to “dance off” trophies. You wanna go?
  •  I’m obsessed with shiny objects and reflective things. Wait what?!
  •  I have a sweet tooth, make that a sweet face.. I will gladly finish your wedding cake. (my preference is vanilla with vanilla icing nudge nudge)
  •  I’ve loved being a bridesmaid 13 times, which showcases my awesomeness and that there’s no such thing as “always a bridesmaid”!

Okay important stuff:

LOVE photography, every photographer will say that. That’s why we do it, genuine love for it. What I pride myself in is your experience. To me, your wedding day, your engagement shoot, your lifestyle session.. it should be an experience, an opportunity to tell your story. I will make sure you (and your family members) have lots of fun and laugh your pants off!

I have laid in puddles, stood on bee hives, climbed trees and stopped traffic to get a great shot. Thankfully myself nor my clients have ever been in danger.. that I am aware of.

I am a ninja.

I can’t wait to tell your story.

And eat your wedding cake.